Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Goals & Strategies


GOAL 1: Advocate for policies that increase access to substance use treatment

STRATEGY #1a: Advocating for Medicaid expansion

STRATEGY #1b:  Advocating for first responders and appropriate community members to carry Narcan


GOAL 2: Increase early intervention, education and prevention services related to substance use in the community

STRATEGY #2a: Supporting youth alcohol compliance checks and conducting retailer education

STRATEGY #2b: Conducting a scan of substance use screenings being used in the community

STRATEGY #2c: Continuing to identify opportunities to change alcohol ordinances

STRATEGY #2d: Marketing WI Addiction Recovery Help Line through 211

STRATEGY #2e: Educating the community on proper drug storage and disposal

STRATEGY #2f: Coordinating biannual meetings for substance use/mental health providers


GOAL 3: Increase coordinated youth prevention work, providing education, healthy activities and resilience training

STRATEGY #3a: Implementing SAMSHA’s “Talk. They Hear You.” Campaign

STRATEGY #3b: Marketing the DITCHJUUL text service to teens and adults who vape

STRATEGY #3c: Exploring implementation of CATCH My Breath™ in schools and other community settings

STRATEGY #3d: Exploring drug impairment training for education professionals

STRATEGY #3e: Exploring how Healthier Together can support local SADD chapters


Alcohol Abuse by the Numbers

– In Pierce & St. Croix counties, approximately 30% of adults aged 18 and older self-reported heavy alcohol consumption. Our two counties are above the average for the sate of Wisconsin, 24%.

– In Pierce & St. Croix counties, 27.3% of high school students reported drinking alcohol during the last 30 days.

– In Pierce & St. Croix counties, 13.7% of high school students reported having had 5 or more drinks of alcohol in a row (binge drinking) during the past 30 days before the survey.

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